Are you Brexit ready?

The government has launched a publicity campaign entitled ‘Time is running out’, to urge businesses to step up preparations for new rules which will come into force when the Brexit transition period ends on 1 January 2021.

Last month, HMRC wrote to 200,000 businesses that trade with the EU, setting out details of the new customs and tax rules, and urging them to act now in order to ensure they are able to continue trading with the EU in the new year. In a stark message, businesses were told they will not be able to trade if they do not have the correct processes, contracts and agreements in place.

Although it remains unclear whether the UK and EU will ultimately reach agreement over a post-Brexit trade deal, the government has told business leaders to get ready for Australia-style trading arrangements based on “simple principles of global free trade.” In addition, the government has made it clear there will be no extension to the transition period despite business concerns over the ongoing impact coronavirus is having on UK firms’ ability to prepare for Brexit.

Details of actions businesses need to take can be found at